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cfm Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips

Simple gas furnace maintenance tips for homeowners

Here are some good Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips for homeowners to keep in mind during these cold winter months:

  • Confirm that the furnace runs completely through a normal cycle from start-up to shut-down. Look at the thermostat reading to confirm that the system shuts off when reaching the high temperature setpoint. (If otherwise, you have a short cycling problem requiring a service call.)
  • Clean dust or move objects away from the grates that supply air into each room and the large return grate, usually in a hallway, to ensure proper air flow.
  • Make sure obstacles are cleared away from the furnace and the safety switch on the furnace door.
  • Check the vent connections for the exhaust pipe and chimney for rust or gaps.
  • Make sure your CO2 monitor is operating properly and that it has fresh batteries.
  • Replace furnace filters annually.

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