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Increase profits with flat rate service pricing

The Financial Power of Flat Rate Service Pricing

About 95% of all HVAC dealers have one trait in common: they are not charging enough for their service work. So, why is it important to charge enough? Charging enough allows a dealer to stay in business for many years thus ensuring continuous service to his customers. Charging enough allows a dealer to pay his employees good wages and to provide important benefits for those employees so they stay with the dealer for years to come. Charging enough allows a dealer to offer excellent employee training which equates to excellent customer service. Charging enough helps the dealer to provide a good living for his family. Charging enough insures the dealer that there will be enough money for his retirement. Continue reading

cfm Distributors, Inc. Special Service Announcement

Service Notice for Inducer Motor

Inducer Motor Bearing Failure Service Notice

Because of an increase in warranty returns of the subject Inducer Motors, warranty return motors were analyzed. Working with the vendor (FASCO), it was discovered that most of the failures were related to bearing fatigue. Affected Inducer Motors fall within a date range of March 2012 (MC0112 date code) through September 2012 (MK3012 date code).(see below for example date code)

  • Inducer Motor Affected: S1-32642583000
  • Models Affected: 33″95+ Gas Furnaces – Single Stage and Modulating Furnaces
  • Replacement Inducer Motor Part Number: S1-32647781000
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HVAC Guide to Facebook Series Part One - Building an Effective Facebook Page

Building an Effective Facebook Page

The HVAC Contractor’s Guide to Facebook Series – Part One:Building an Effective Facebook Page

Social media has taken the working world by storm, and for many businesses, a strong social presence is every bit as crucial as a standalone website. Of particular importance to small, consumer-facing companies is Facebook – one of the greatest tools for customer acquisition, community outreach and long-term business-building.
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Heatcraft Refrigeration Defrost Schedule

Refrigeration System Installation Defrost Schedule Tips

Defrost schedules are important to knowing how to properly install and maintain a refrigeration system. A proper installation and defrost schedule will help you maximize system performance, keep thewalk-in at set-point temperatures, and, most important of all, keep your customers happy.

The importance of knowing what the refrigeration system will be used for

A good first step to determine when to defrost and for how long is knowing how the end user is going to use the cooler or freezer. The following are some good questions to ask which would help you determine this:

  • When the peak usage time during the day occurs
  • How they plan to load the box
  • What time of day is the box is stocked

For example, a defrost should never be scheduled during a time period when the box is being restocked. During restocking,the door is open which allows moisture and warm air to infiltrate the space.

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