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Four Aprilaire humidifiers displayed

Why Buy Aprilaire Humidifiers?

Per Aprilaire, 94% of all homes in the US are in need of humidification.  The opportunities are endless if the dealer will just offer a humidifier on every sale.  Aprilaire introduced the first humidifier to the nation in 1953, over 62 years making quality humidification products for the homeowner.  A companies years of experience in an industry shows stability, but that’s only one attribute you can use to build confidence that Aprilaire is the right humidifier brand to be offering. So, to help you paint an even better picture, listed below are some facts about Aprilaire you may find more interesting.

  • Aprilaire is the #1 humidifier manufacturer in the world.
  • Aprilaire humidifiers are manufactured and assembled in the America. Buy at home, buy American!
  • Aprilaire is the only humidifier manufacturer that does NOT sell to the big box stores or direct to the public. Aprilaire only sells to licensed contractors and states that in all of their literature and installation manuals. 
  • Aprilaire humidifiers have a 5 year warranty on all parts except the water panel. Water panels need to be replaced once a year so they are not part of the warranty.
  • Aprilaire humidifiers are beautiful: a pleasing blend of light blue and gray colors on a sleek modern design. Hands down, Aprilaire humidifiers are the best looking product on the market.
  • Aprilaire has a tech support staff to answer any questions. Call 800-334-6011 for any help needed.
  • Aprilaire humidifiers have a bypass damper with printed SUMMER and WINTER positions so the homeowner will not get confused with “open” and “closed” designations. This eliminates unnecessary phone calls from confused homeowners. 
  • Aprilaire humidifiers have a 1 ½ inch start collar to make installing bypass ductwork easy and to allow easy damper movement. The deep collar also has predrilled holes to attach the bypass ductwork eliminating any chance to crack the plastic of the humidifier. 
  • Aprilaire humidifiers use a solenoid designed to accept a hot water line with no chance of melting the plastic solenoid connection.
  • Aprilaire humidifiers can be easily converted from right to left for the bypass ductwork. The conversion takes less than 3 minutes. 
  • Aprilaire humidifiers have the easiest to change water panels in the industry. Homeowners will love the ease of changing their own water panels.
  • On Aprilaire humidifiers the water distribution tray is sonic welded and properly designed so that the water is distributed evenly to all areas of the water panel allowing higher efficiency water usage. More humidification with less water!
  • All Aprilaire humidifiers can be wired to almost any IAQ thermostat that has a humidification option. This eliminates the need for a humidifier control and allows the use of the less costly M series manual humidifiers.
  • The 500, 600 and 700 series Aprilaire humidifiers come standard with an Automatic Humidifier Control. The advantages of that control are excellent: 
    • It is fully digital control, the only digital control that comes standard in the humidifier box.
    • It has a G terminal that allows the furnace fan to run without a call for heat but with a call for humidification.
    • It is a “set it and forget it” control which means that if the RH in the home is above 45% the Control will not allow the humidifier to come on. As soon as the RH drops below the RH set point the Control calls for humidity.
    • It has three service lights for homeowner notification: red indicates “need service”, yellow indicates the water panel needs to be changed, green indicates the humidifier is running.
    • When used with an outdoor air sensor (supplied with the Control), the Control is completely automatic. It determines the amount of humidity needed based on the outdoor temperature.
    • Any Aprilaire humidifier can be upgraded to fully automatic by installing the Control.
    • The Control can also operate in the manual mode allowing the homeowner to manually adjust the humidity settings on the Control.

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Static Charge September 2015 Humidifiers

How to not get shocked this winter

The relative humidity inside a typical home in the Midwest in winter is 15%. Compare that to the Sahara Desert which has a typical relative humidity of 25% and it’s easy to see that our warm air furnaces really tend to dry out our homes and the occupants of those homes during the winter. Humidifiers are really valuable for increasing the relative humidity in our homes to as high as 30 to 60% RH, the ASHRAE guideline for comfortable indoor relative humidity. This guide will help homeowners, business owners, and HVAC dealers or contractors see the benefits of an HVAC humidifier, and explains how to not get shocked this winter.

The Value of Humidifiers for Homeowners

Improve Family Health

Humidifiers help families have better health. Lack of moisture causes dry skin possibly resulting in cracked lips, split skin at nails and fingertips and eczema. Lack of moisture causes dry noses which could possibly lead to bloody noses and clogged sinuses. Humidifiers increase humidity in the home, thereby reducing the risks for bacteria, viruses, respiratory infections, and allergic rhinitis and asthma. Low humidity in the winter increases the likeliness to experience the adverse effects of these risks. Reducing these risks will not only benefit the homeowners, but will also benefit any pets or plants in the home as well.

Home Savings

Humidifiers generally lead to lower energy bills because latent heat makes individuals feel warmer and humidifiers produce latent heat during operation. In other words, by adding humidity to the air in the home, homeowners can reduce their thermostat settings by 2 to 4 degrees F and still feel the same comfort levels. Outside the benefit of home savings through lower energy costs, humidifiers also work to protect items in the home. Because dryness in the air causes wood to crack and split, a humidifier takes the risk away from damaging any wood items in the home. This will leave homeowners feeling confident their woodwork, wood floors, antiques and musical instruments, doors and drawers will all be safe.

Eliminating Static Electricity

No matter how hard we all try, we can never escape the static build up our bodies generate in a home that doesn’t have a humidifier installed. Humidifiers help reduce or eliminate static electricity in the home. By creating moisture in the air, a humidifier will reduce the ability for static friction to build up. For homeowners this means:

  • Not having to feel anxious about touching a doorknob or light switch
  • Being able to interact with their family members without fear of being shocked
  • They’re protecting their electronics by knowing they won’t be pass any electric charges to their devices

The Value of Humidifiers for Dealers and Contractors

Practically Sell Themselves

Knowing the benefits a humidifier provides, homeowners will feel encouraged on their own to purchase and have their new humidifier installed before the winter heating season gets here. AirAdvice, a prominent indoor air testing company, found in their study of over 49,000 homes, that fully 47% of homeowners complained that the air in their homes was too dry. That means that one out of every two homes needs a humidifier.

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