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cfm Distributors COVID-19 Updates & Resources

(cfm Distributors is NOT a qualified expert in Government Programs, Law interpretation, Tax Law, Healthcare guidelines, COVID-19 or Business Liability. The information provided should be verified before use by your Management Team, Attorney, Accountant and Human Resources.)

Video Overview

  • Make an outline of pandemic guidelines for your team
  • Communicate with Your customers and the market about changes you are making
    • How you have changed your business practices to protect customers (Sample Pandemic Guideline above)
    • Offer Services to customer to help solve their concerns around Virus mitigation. Products to Offer customers to mitigate Viruses
    • Create a Plan to Market the above (Current Google Changes)
      • Social Media is being used even more while people are at home
      • Outbound calling
      • Email
  • Adjust your collection processes with customers where possible
    • Collecting Payment in a timely manner will become important.
      • Consider payment collection at job completion; and/or 50% upfront and 50% at completion.
    • As Consumers/Businesses become short on cash it is very important to offer Financing/Leasing Options
      • Educate sales team on Commercial Leasing Options
      • Educate sales team on Residential Financing Options
        • (New Programs becoming available)
  • CAREs Act (APPLY ASAP for PPP Loan)
  • Families First Coronavirus Response ACT (FFCRA) (DUE 4-1-20)
    • Determine if you can be exempt from this FMLA- Resources on FFCRA and document links below the video here.
      • Document the reasons for exemption in writing
      • If not exempt; post and communicate as required by law
        • Determine your company policy for payouts.
        • Setup payment processes to comply and get the credit from the government.
        • Determine your required to pay compensations hours for hourly employees and totals for your company
  • Tax Changes
    • Federal Tax deadline has changed to July 15. IRS Tax Deadline Changes
    • There are changes in rules for Telehealth, FSA, HSA and HRA changes for items that now qualify as approved even on High Deductible Plans. CAREs Act- Telehealth-FSA-HSA-HRA Changes
    • Qualified Disaster Relief Accounts (QDR)
      • Pre-Tax Accounts Employers can setup to help their team with COVID-19 Expenses on a tax favored Basis. QDR Account Info
  • Business Interruption Insurance
    • Check with your Insurance Provider to see if you can qualify. Most likely don’t qualify, but this may change over time with government intervention.
cfm Distributors COVID-19 Dealer Planning Check List

These are two essential work letter templates for contractors and their employees to customize and use during the stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders. One is for use in the KC metro area and one is for use anywhere in the US.

Available below are three items that go together for contractors to learn how to administer a Spring a/c clean and check without having to enter the home, along with a brochure and a social media post to use to promote it.

Read the HARDI blog article here at over Federal Resources for Businesses Affected by COVID-19.

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