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Ultra-Zone Forced Air Zone Control Panel, 4 Stage Heat and 2 Stage Cool, 2-4 Zones
  • The Universal Zone Control System allows you to easily upgrade an inefficient single zone HVAC system, into an Automated, Multi-zone, Energy saving, Comfort producing, Safety Minded, HVAC system.
  • With Superior design, Intuitive firmware, Building Code Compliant support, Simple setup options, and Easy to understand wiring.
  • Compatible Equipment:
    • Gas/Electric/Hydro – Up to 2 Stages Heating and 2 Stages Cooling.
    • Heat Pump Conventional or Dual Fuel – Up to 4 Stages Heating and 2 Stages Cooling.
  • Compatible Thermostats: Any Single Stage or Multi-Stage Heat/Cool or Heat Pump Thermostats.
  • Compatible Dampers: EWC Models URD, ND, RSD and SID. Any 24vac 3 Wire or 2 Wire damper.
  • 4 stage heat and 2 stage cool.
  • Automatic changeover from any zone.
  • Fan control from any zone.
  • Use virtually any four wires or multi-stage thermostat.
  • Controls up to 20 zones.
  • LED display for complete system readout.
  • Fire alarm interlock feature.
  • Fixed opposing mode timer.
  • Integrated supply and return air sensor to protect the equipment.
  • Adjustable timer for second, third and fourth stage heat and cool operations.
  • Adjustable fan purge timer.
  • 50% rule.
  • Demand based ventilation feature.
  • Staging via Adjustable On-board Timer or OAS. (7 to 42 Minutes or 7° to 42°F).
  • 50% Rule to limit staging if less than half the total zones are demanding Heating or Cooling.
  • Enhanced Variable Fan Speed Control, capable of lowering fan speed if 25% or less of Total Zones demanding Cooling.
  • Supply and Return Air Temperature Monitoring to help protect HVAC equipment.
  • On Board LED’s indicate system operation.