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Ultra-Zone Forced Air Zone XM2 Expansion Module to add additional Zones to the BMPlus 3000 Zone Control System
  • The advanced XM2 Expansion Module allows you to easily add additional zones to the BMPlus 3000 Zone Control System.
  • Number of Zones: Provides 2 additional zones for the Model BMPlus3000. A total of 2 Model XM-2 expansion Modules can be utilized to add up to 4 additional zones.
  • Compatible Thermostats: Any single stage Heat/Cool Thermostat or 2 Stage Heat, 1 Stage cool Heat Pump Thermostat.
  • Compatible Dampers: EWC Models URD, ND, RSD and SID. Any 24vac 3 Wire or 2 Wire damper.
  • Additional Features: On Board LED’s indicate system operation.
  • The XM2 Expansion features automatic changeover from any thermostat allowing for individual zone comfort from the HVAC system.
  • The XM2 Expansion Module can add up 2 or 4 zones on with 1 or 2 expansion modules with a BMPlus Zone control system.
  • The STATUS LED pulses as a steady heart beat to indicate active Micro- processor status.
  • LEDs indicate which dampers are open.