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  1. 95150W
    Item Number: SF-1LB15%SILFOSS
    Description: Brazing Alloy, 1/8" x .050" x 20" 28 Stick Tube Sil-Fos 15
  2. 00-BREFILL
    Item Number: 00-BREFILL
    Description: Acetylene, B Tank Refill
  3. 0386-0335
    Item Number: TB-X3B
    Description: Torch Kit, 3" Air Acetylene AR-B Conn Extreme X-3B
  4. 0386-1293
    Item Number: TB-TX504
    Description: Torch, 3/4"-3" Self-Lighting Propane/MAPP Extreme TX-504
  5. 0386-0849
    Item Number: TB-NFMTT
    Description: Flowmeter, Nitrogen Purge NFM-TT
  6. HR-4300774
    Item Number: HR-4300774
    Description: Replacement Hose, 3/16"x12' Sgl Hose B&B Fittings Propane
  7. SCPF4
    Item Number: HR-SCPF4
    Description: Flux, 4oz Bottle w/Brush Cap Stay-Clean Paste
  8. HR-10001
    Item Number: HR-10001
    Description: Solder, 1/8"x1lb 4% Stay Brite Silver
  9. 76313
    Item Number: HR-76313
    Description: Brazing Alloy, 1/16" 3 Troy oz Pkg SafetySilv45
  10. HR-9006311
    Item Number: HR-9006311
    Description: Regulator Gauge, 50mm ABS 60psi 4 BAR 1/8" BSP Stem
  11. MA-34RUEL
    Item Number: MO-MA34RUEL
    Description: Elbow, 3/4"ID Rubber Drain Line
  12. WHC1001-PSW
    Item Number: WHC1001-PSW
    Description: MAP-Pro/Propane Torch, HSLT604 Trigger Torch Heavy-Duty
  13. 0386-0336
    Item Number: TB-X4B
    Description: Torch Kit, 3-1/2" Air Acetylene AR-B Conn Extreme X-4B
  14. 45T31
    Item Number: HR-45T31
    Description: Brazing Alloy, 1/16" 1 Troy oz Pkg SafetySilv45T
  15. 00-MCREFILL
    Item Number: 00-MCREFILL
    Description: Acetylene, MC Tank Refill
  16. SB861
    Item Number: HR-10009
    Description: Solder, 1/8"x1lb 6% Stay Brite 8 Silver LF
Showing 1 - 16 of 766 Results
766 products
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