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  1. 4500
    Item Number: GH-MAC2000
    Description: Air Cleaner, 20"x25"x5" MERV10 Media MAC2000 Metal Door
  2. OR245T
    Item Number: UV-OR245T
    Description: Air Cleaner, Ion 2-3/4"x4"x3-7/8" Orion
  3. F300E1035/U
    Item Number: HO-F300E1035
    Description: Air Cleaner, 20"x25" 2000 CFM Electronic with Post Filter
  4. S688A1007/B
    Item Number: HO-S688A1007
    Description: Sail Switch, 5" Sail 10" Insertion SPDT Switching
  5. 5000
    Item Number: RP-5000
    Description: Air Cleaner, Whole-House Central Electronic 16"x25" w/T-Stat
  6. 4510
    Item Number: GH-MAC1400
    Description: Air Cleaner, 16"x7"x25" MERV10 Media MAC1400 Prfemium Door
  7. 455600-025
    Item Number: AB-HE2000
    Description: Electronic Air Cleaner, 2000CFM 24-1/4"x24-7/8"x7-1/8" Wht
  8. RPFH1315
    Item Number: RPFH1315
    Description: HEPA Filter, CM3000 Combo Pack Pre Filter & Carbon Filter
  9. 455600-125
    Item Number: AB-HE1400
    Description: Electronic Air Cleaner, 1400CFM 20-1/4"x24-7/8"x7-1/8" Wht
  10. RHF16
    Item Number: RHF16
    Description: HEPA Filter, CM3000 HEPA Filter
  11. S1-HEAC3000T
    Item Number: HEAC3000T
    Description: Electronic Air Cleaner
  12. 1213
    Item Number: RP-1213
    Description: Upgrade Kit, For 2200/2120 Air Purifiers Uses 213 Media
  13. 1413
    Item Number: RP-1413
    Description: Upgrade Kit, For 2400/2140 Air Purifiers Uses 413 Media
  14. 90-006
    Item Number: UV-90006
    Description: Media Air Cleaner, Straight-Thru 16x25x5 ProgressiveMedia
  15. 4119
    Item Number: RP-4119
    Description: Pleat Spacer, (5) for 2200 2250
  16. 90-007
    Item Number: UV-90007
    Description: Media Air Cleaner, Straight-Thru 20x25x5 ProgressiveMedia
Showing 1 - 16 of 599 Results
599 products
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