No more HVAC Equipment Downtime for your Packaged Rooftops and Commercial Split Systems

C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\FDD STOCK.JPGIntegrates with MOST York Packaged rooftops and commercial split systems

Refrigerant circuit alerts include (35 alerts possible)

  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Low/high charge
  • Poor evaporator heat transfer
  • Refrigerant flow restriction
  • Low compressor pumping efficiency
  • Efficiency index (EI) and capacity index (CI): A ratio of ideal compared to actual operation

Economizer alerts

  • Economizing at wrong times
  • Not economizing at right times
  • Damper stuck
  • Excess outdoor air Failed sensor

Includes key FDD sensor inputs

  • Refrigerant pressure sensors: Suction and discharge
  • Refrigerant temperature sensors: Suction and liquid
  • Standard temperature sensors: Ambient, supply air, return air
  • Humidity sensor (optional)
ipad.jpg*Web based software

*Main dashboard displays supply air, return air & outside air temperatures AND heating, cooling and fan statuses.

Here’s how the savings add up:

YORK® FDD provides the information needed to keep packaged units operating at peak performance under demanding conditions. It produces a substantial payback by reducing repairs, saving energy and extending equipment service life.

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