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Retro-Fit Round Slip-In-Damper with MA-ND5 Motor Actuator - 6"
  • The SID (Slip-In-Damper) is a user-friendly retrofit damper.
  • With a single cut the SID can be installed in seconds.
  • Due to it's 1.5VA actuator up to 20 SIDs can be controlled from a single EWC Controls zone panel with a 40VA transformer.
  • The optional S1A end switch allows for increased flexibility.
  • The SID (Slip-In Damper) series of round motorized dampers are designed for the Retro-Fit market.
  • The SID damper easily slips into a 1-1/4” slot cut into the existing round duct.
  • The damper has a double layered blade with an integrated cellular foam sealing gasket.
  • The superior design insures long life and zero maintenance.
  • SID dampers are easy to install, easy to wire, and come with a 5 year warrant.
  •  It is designed to operate at static pressures up to 1” w.c. @ < 5% leakage.
  • The UL Listed Motor Actuator is a 24vac 3 wire power open / power close type rated at 18in.lbs. of torque.
  • It includes an integrated terminal block, and NEMA1 rated housing.
  • The motor also includes adjustable End-Stops for Min & Max position capability.
  • Allows adjustment of the design CFM flow into a particular zone or area and/or set a percentage of Relief Air (Leakage) when closed.
  • OPEN/CLOSE LED’s are included that provide visual indication of damper position.
  • The damper can be installed to orient the motor at any angle.